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Paul Silveria is a unique and versatile performer who engages audiences of all ages with interactive traditional music! Paul has been playing banjo and  calling square dances across the west coast for over 15 years.

Paul with banjo

     Paul is a performer, and tireless promoter, of participatory traditional music and dance. Originally from Portland Oregon, and now living in Vancouver BC, Paul brings his shows, dances, and workshops to people up and down the west coast!

     As a banjo player, Paul explores a variety of intriguing Americana with a ready wit and engaging delivery. As a square dance caller, Paul brings a spark to events that both entertain audiences and promote connection. He works with top-notch live musicians and his energetic delivery and beginner-friendly teaching have made him a regional favourite!

Paul's gearing up to record a new album - click here to find out more about his project at Indiegogo!